United College Ministry


We are a group of fun, unique, loving individuals who fellowship and worship Jesus together. As staff, we are devoted to helping young adults who love God, love themselves, and love others, by encouraging them to take steps towards spiritual growth. We chose the name United because here at ICF we are an international church and even though we are from all over the world, God unites us together to learn, love, and grow with him.  Our group meets weekly from September until mid-May.  

What We're About


God loves to give, and is very good at it. We should be too.


Prayer keeps God at the center of our activities and pursuits.


God brings us together to practice love, respect, and commitment to one another.


Consistency and steadiness are marks of a Christ-follower.


Every person is unique (made by God and for God) and everyone is welcome.


Justice and compassion are about doing, not just feeling.


Art and imagination make us attentive to God's beauty in our world.


Shared stories unite people, so we do our best to make lots of great memories


Speaking and living truthfully are the start of a God honoring life.